Renewable Energy

GVM established its Renewable Energy Division in 2000/2001.  The Society felt it important that landowners and communities should share in the benefits of renewable energy produced locally.  Over a period of ten years, we successfully brought over 40 MW of wind energy to development stage. We disposed of the bulk of this in 2011 at a substantial profit for our Society.  Landowners and communities have shared and continue to share in the benefits of these projects.  We are currently using our expertise to look at developing other wind energy and renewable projects.

As part of our Renewable Energy Division, we purchased a 50% interest in Biogreen Energy Products, in Co. Wexford in 2005. Biogreen was set up to press rapeseed and produce rapeseed oil for use as a diesel substitute. However, in 2011, a change in legislation made this particular market very challenging. Since then, the Company has successfully developed new markets for both the oil and the cake particularly in the animal feed industry. Biogreen Oil Mill processes rapeseed using the cold pressing method.  This produces high quality fresh cold pressed rapeseed oil and freshly pressed expeller cake suitable for inclusion in coarse animal feeds. For further information, see our website