Our People

The Board:

GVM Group has over 5,000 shareholders who elect Advisory Committees. These Advisory Committees elect the Board which governs the Society. The Board has also established a Management Sub-Committee.

The Chairman of the Board is John O’Keeffe. John is a dairy farmer from Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick and has been on the Board since 2003.

The Vice-Chairman of the board is James O’ Connor

John O’ Keeffe – Chairman

James O’ Connor – Vice Chairman

Members of the Board:

John O’Keeffe, Ted Boyce, James O’Connor, Bernard Clery, Tim Shanahan, John Carmody, Barry Laffan, John Purcell, John Cooke, Eddie O’Dea, David Naughton, Tim Hannon, Conor O’Gorman, John Ward, Patrick Lane, Michael McGovern, Michael Flood, George Taylor, David Connor, Padraig Grogan, James Kane, Denis Donovan, David A O’ Callaghan.

Members of Management Sub-Committee:

John O’Keeffe, James O’Connor, Tim Shanahan, Patrick Lane, Michael McGovern, David Connor, Eddie O’ Dea, David Naughton, Denis Donovan

Management & Staff:

The Chief Executive and Secretary is P J Buckley. P J is a commerce graduate from UCC and is a Chartered Accountant. He has been with the Society since 1992.

The Financial Controller is Maurice Lyons. Maurice is a commerce graduate from UCD and is a Chartered Accountant. He has been with the Society since 2000.

The Property Director is Tom Crosse. Tom is a fellow of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers and former president of the Institute. He has been with the Society since 1987.

PJ Buckley

Maurice Lyons

Tom Crosse

Livestock Marts:

KILMALLOCK MART: Margaret Noonan, Mary Garvey, Cecilia McNamara and Margaret Cooke together with additional staff manage the office. Denis Kirby looks after administration and the yard together with a committed staff. Denis also looks after Dromcollogher Mart.

TULLAMORE MART: Antoinette Daly manages the Mart assisted by a very committed staff including Johnny Polland and Christy Egan in the yard. Antoinette has been with the Society since 1990.

CARRIGALLEN MART: Helen Kells manages the Mart assisted by a very committed staff including Seamus McHugh who manages the yard.

ABBEYFEALE MART: Denis Lane manages the Mart assisted by his very capable staff. Denis also assists in the running of Kilmallock.

GVM DIRECT: Eddie O’Dea manages our farm to farm sales.


POLAND: Our directors are James Foley and Barbara Olejniczak who have been with us since 2005. James is a former partner in E & Y Warsaw and Barbara is a lawyer.

GERMANY: Our directors are Stefan Kueter and Hubertus Von Hesse. Stefan joined us in 2005 and has worked for over 25 years in property in Berlin and actively manages our German Portfolio. Hubertus joined us in 2009 and is a lawyer.