Covid-19 – Arrangements


Buyers only will be allowed into the ring and all intending buyers must register with the mart in advance of the sale.  They must also register with the mart if they wish to view animals before sale.


Sellers can enter the seller’s box only for the sale of their animals.  Otherwise, they must stay in their vehicles.


All sales will be streamed live on the internet and livestock can also be purchased online.  Download the livestock-live app or go to our website and click on live online auction.


Sales will be conducted in accordance with HSE and Department of Agriculture protocols and guidelines.  This includes wearing a mask and social distancing of 2 metres throughout the mart.  No congregating of people will be allowed anywhere on the mart premises.




Calves 11 am

Cattle & Calf Intake 8 am

or earlier by appointment, Tel. (086) 0876491

Weanlings at 11 am followed by Bullocks,

Dry Cows at 11 am followed by Factory Bulls, Dairy, Sucklers, and Heifers.


Calf Collection Service in operation in all Areas.

Tel. (063) 98050





  Next Weanling Show & Sale

Tuesday 7th September Entries now booking on 063 98050

Entries now Booking, Tel. (063) 98050


Wanted/For Sale

 All types & weights of cattle – bullocks & heifers

Price per kg arranged prior to purchase

Contact Eddie – (087) 6869070