Covid-19 – Arrangements


All sales will be streamed live on the internet and livestock can also be purchased online.  Download the livestock-live app or go to our website and click on live online auction.


Sales will be conducted in accordance with HSE and Department of Agriculture protocols and guidelines.  This includes wearing a mask and social distancing of 2 metres throughout the mart.  No congregating of people will be allowed anywhere on the mart premises.




Ring 1 – Sale of Weanling Bulls & Bullocks at 11 am

Ring 2 – Sale of Calves & Runners at 11.30

Ring 3 – Sale of Dry Cows, Factory Bulls only, Dairy Stock, Sucklers, Weanling Heifers and Heifers at 11 am

Calf Collection Service in operation in all Areas.

Tel. (063) 98050


                                  CLEARANCE SALE OF ENTIRE BAWN

        26 Fr. Dairy Cows, mostly Feb. Calvers to AA., BB., Aubrac & Fr.,

          Herd Ave., 6000 Litres, BF., 4.50%, Prot., 3.70%, SCC 190,

                                         Herd is over 10 years TB Free

             at Kilmallock Mart on Mon. 17th January, 2022 at 1 pm approx.

          Vendor: Robert Kelly, Knocklong Road, Ballylanders, Co Limerick



 41 young Fr. Dairy Cows, Incalf to AA Bull, mostly Feb/Mar Calvers,

Herd Ave., 6340 Litres, BF 4.12%, Protein 3.51%, SCC 123.

Milk Solids 477 Kgs. Also, one 2 ½ yr. old AA Stock Bull.

at Kimallock Mart on Mon. 24th January, 2022 at 1 p.m approx

Vendor: Pat Leahy, Balline, Bulgaden, Kilmallock, Co Limerick

Having been inspected by the Auctioneers, they can be confidently recommended to anybody seeking additions or replacements to their herds.


Wanted/For Sale

All types & weights of cattle – bullocks & heifers

Price per kg arranged prior to purchase

Contact Eddie (087) 6869070