The Mart has decided that as and from Monday 8th October until the end of November, weanling bulls, weanling heifers, sucklers and runners will no longer be sold on Mondays.  Instead, these animals will now be sold on Tuesday evenings commencing on Tuesday 9th October.

While the reason for this change is primarily for Health & Safety reasons, we believe that it will also bring many benefits to both sellers & buyers and people transporting livestock for both the Monday & Tuesday sale as follows:


  • It will mean more space in the mart for both people and livestock and should make it a much more comfortable experience.
  • It will reduce the time spent queueing to bring in livestock.
  • It will be much easier and quicker to remove livestock.
  • The Tuesday evening sale will give part-time farmers who buy and sell a better chance to get to the Mart.

We understand that this change will not suit everyone and we apologise for this.  However, we believe that long-term, it will be a positive development for the Mart and for users of the Mart.

We have invested significantly in the Mart and we believe that we have a fantastic facility.  It is only proper that we try and maximise the use of the Mart on other days.  We are conscious that the busy Mondays in Kilmallock can be very stressful for people and animals and we believe that this will greatly reduce the stress levels for both.

We thank you for your support in the past and trust that you will continue to support the Mart in this change.

Just to remind you again that the Tuesday evening sale will commence on 9th October.  Intake will be open at 3.30 and all cattle must be penned by 5.30.  Sale will commence at 6.00 pm.