Christmas Newsletter

You are very welcome to our Christmas 2018 Newsletter


2018 has been a very difficult and challenging year for everyone, farmers and Marts included.  Numbers sold in practically all Marts in the country are down and GVM is no different.  We expect to sell around 112,000 cattle and calves this year.  While it has been a difficult year, we have to accept that not all years can be good and we have had some very good ones over the last 8/9 years.  We have continued to invest substantially in all of our Marts.  A new truck wash is being built in Tullamore, improvements have been made to the rings in Carrigallen and our new central area in Kilmallock will hopefully be completed early in the New Year.  The new licensing requirements from the Department of Agriculture will involve further significant investment and expenditure in our Marts.  The issue of Health & Safety is now very much to the fore in Marts and is forcing Marts to change the way we have always done things.  This will impact on both you and us and will possibly even involve further change in the future.  At the end of the day, we want all of our users to feel safe in our Marts and to leave our Marts safe and well.


Important Changes in Kilmallock -2019


You are aware that we ran a Tuesday evening sale for weanlings from early October to early December.  This proved to be very successful and encouraged by this we plan to hold the following next year:


Tuesday evening sale for weanlings commencing in mid-march until late May.

Wednesday evening sales for calves commencing late February until late April.

For a variety of reasons, there are issues with the entry booking system including cattle coming in late and causing Health & Safety concerns.  Therefore, from 1st January 2019, we are ending this system and all stock will be numbered as they arrive.

We do not expect any major problems with stock intake as weanlings will no longer be sold on Mondays for the busy periods and we will also open the chutes at the back for a period to take in dry cows.


In an effort to encourage more people to receive payment for stock by Electronic Transfer, we are making changes to the dates of both cheque payments and electronic transfers.  These have already been advertised and publicised.


Life is one of constant change and we are no different.  These changes are being made in an effort to make our Marts better and more efficient for everyone.


The Property Auctioneering business has continued to improve this year.  We hope you will continue to support our property offices in Kilmallock, Limerick, Tullamore & Carrigallen where we offer a full property service, covering sales, valuations and lettings.  Please see our property auctioneering website


Our Property Investments in Germany & Poland continue to perform well.  The total value of our investments in Germany and Poland are €34 million.


The history of the Society – from Fair to Mart and Beyond…. Is available and would make a lovely Christmas present.


We aim to continuously improve the service we offer and to make our operations more efficient.  You can help us and improve it for everyone by giving some attention to the following;

  • At cattle intake, please have correct cards and it would be a great help if you put them in numerical order.
  • Please number your cattle immediately when they arrive on the chutes. When cattle are on chutes for a considerable period of time, it slows down the intake for everyone.
  • All animals must have 2 tags per Department of Agriculture Regulations.
  • Please do not leave your vehicle parked at the unloading/loading bays. This blocks everyone else and can eliminate a whole chute from use.
  • When selling animals, if you feel that there is some issue with an animal, please announce it. Our experience is that if you don’t, it generally leads to a problem where the buyer has a right of redress.  If you announce it, there should be no come-back.
  • Safety is a major issue. We would please ask in the interest of your own safety that you do not stand around on passage-ways or particularly at the end of chutes when animals are exiting.  Please obey safety   notices and take note of exits and stand-in areas which are painted yellow.
  • Please take care when loading/unloading animals. We have had a number of instances of animals breaking away. If this happens due to your negligence, you will be liable for damage and injury caused.
  • Please park responsibly and please do not ‘abandon’ vehicles near loading/unloading bays.

For your information

  • Collection service available for calves.
  • BVD samples are collected in Kilmallock every Monday.
  • Weekly Mart Report is available on our own website and on each Tuesday afternoon. The live sales in Kilmallock can also be viewed on the Farmers Forum website.  Please also follow us on Facebook.
  • We have a facility whereby we can update your herd register when you buy or sell within our Marts. Please enquire at the office.
  • The Society is fully licensed under the Property Services Regulation Act, Licence number 002030


We aim to give you the best possible service.  Please let us know where we can improve it.


A special word of thanks to the Department of Agriculture staff for all their help during the year.


Many thanks to our excellent staff for their contribution during the year.